Potassium carbonate hydrate
Potassium Carbonate Hydrate

Potassium carbonate hydrate

Potassium carbonate hydrate is a versatile product that is used in numerous applications. Synonyms that are used include potash, potassium carbonate water or potash hydrate.

About Potassium Carbonate Hydrate

Potassium cabonate hydrate (K2CO3 · 1,5 H2O) is used by in technical applications as well as an additive in animal feed. 

In the production of glass, potassium carbonate hydrate helps to improve crucial characteristics of the material. It provides excellent clarity and is therefore used for glasses, monitors and also televisions. In high quality glassware it helps the glass to sparkle, and with an improved transparency good drinks get the stage they deserve.

In other glass applications potassium carbonate hydrate helps to improve the heat resistancy of glass or the optical characteristics in glass used for lenses in cameras or microscopes as well as in eyeglasses.

In ceramics, potassium carbonate hydrate is used in glazes as a color modifier.

Technical applications also include the use as grit that is spread over icy roads in winter. Unlike salt it doesn't damage stone and is therefore a good alternative, especially around historically valuable places.

Applied in animal feed, Potassium carbonate hydrate is beneficial as it helps sweating animals to regulate their potassium balance. You can learn more about this application on the pages of our colleagues from Evonik Animal Nutrition


Our potassium carbonate hydrate is available in big bags or as 25kg bag. 

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