Container tanks for cyanuric chlorides
Cyanuric Chloride

Flexibility and Innovation

Cyanuric chloride packaging

Besides ISO bulk and ISO tank containers Evonik offers the packaging of cyanuric chlorides in bulk bags as economical and sustainable supply solution thus helping to reduce costs.

We supply several different packaging options

bulk bags for cyanuric chloride

Bulk Bag*

Evonik offers bulk bags as an economical supply solution. Bulk bags can be filled up to a maximum of 1t cyanuric chloride. Thus, bulk bags offer a number of advantages solving transportation, storage and handling problems including reduction of solid waste, and consequently help to reduce costs.
*also known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC). One-way packaging.

ISO bulk containers for cyanuric chloride

ISO Bulk container

They can be filled with up to 25 metric tons of cyanuric chloride.

heatable ISO tank containers for liquid cyanuric chloride


These special dedicated containers are used for the transportation of liquid cyanuric chloride.

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