cyanur chlorides for many applications

UV-light stabilizer

Cyanuric chloride

Cyanuric chloride is a multifunctional intermediate for herbicides, reactive dyes, optical brighteners and many other applications. Its chemical formula is C3Cl3N3.

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Cyanuric chloride is used in the synthesis of optical brighteners. These brighteners absorb invisible UV-light and emit visible light primarily in the blue spectral range. The bluish fluorescence generated makes the yellow or yellowish substrates appear whiter. 

As a UV-light stabilizer, cyanuric chloride is a main component in the synthesis of UV-light stabilizers, which are used frequently in plastics. One of the main industries in this area is the automotive industry.

Besides of these exapmles cyanuric chlorides are used in many other applications, such as herbicides. Whatever your specific application is, we're happy to help. Get in touch with our experts!

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