from potassium carbonate to alkoxides, cyanurchloride and crosslinkers

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From potassium carbonate to crosslinkers

High quality and food grade potassium derivatives are applied in the food, feed and pharmaceutical industries as flavor enhancers, table salt substitute and pharmaceutical excipients. Cyanuric chlorides are added as intermediates in the production of dyes and brighteners. Our TAC and TAICROS® brand crosslinking additives make plastic and rubber materials more durable, heat resistant and transparent.

food grade potassium derivatives for less use of sodium

Food grade potassium derivatives 

Potassium derivatives are versatile products that are used in various applications. Besides technical applications like deicing agents our high quality grades are used in demanding industries such as food, agriculture, feed and pharma.

Cyanuric chloride for dyes and brighteners

Cyanuric chlorides for dyes and brighteners

Cyanuric chloride is a multifunctional intermediate for herbicides, reactive dyes, optical brighteners and many other specialties.

Crosslinkers for plastic and rubber materials

TAC and TAICROS® for crosslinking

TAC and TAICROS® are highly efficient additives for crosslinking. They improve properties such as heat resistance, aging or transparency of plastic and rubber materials and EVA encapsulants for solar modules.