TAC and TAICROS® crosslinkers for rubber, plastics and electronics

Booster for your electronic, rubber and plastic applications

Alkoxides, TAC and TAICROS®  

Evonik's products of the TAC and TAICROS® series are mainly used as crosslinking additives, improving crosslinking efficiency and chemical resistance of rubber materials as well as hot set behavior, thermal and chemical resistance of plastics. They increase cure speed and improve transparency of EVA encapsulants for solar modules.

Our main applications

Solar panels


Solar cells and their circuit components need physical isolation and structural support. We have developed special TAC and TAICROS® crosslinking additives which improve the crosslinking process of EVA films.

Cookies in foil

Food packaging

Polymers play an important role in daily life and are impossible to fade away. Food packaging has a large share of polymer applications, where alkoxides work as catalysts in their synthesis.

Rubber sealings


TAC and TAICROS® are mainly used as crosslinking additives in peroxide or electron beam induced crosslinking of rubber materials providing low compression set and improved chemical resistance.



TAC and TAICROS® masterbatch products allow realization of simpler production processes and save energy up to 95% for production of e-beam crosslinked engineering polymers.