Functional Solutions

Production Plants in Lülsdorf and Wesseling in Germany

Potassium derivatives, cyanuric chlorides and crosslinkers marketed under the brand names TAC and TAICROS® make our daily lives more pleasant in many areas. Our alkoxides enable the production of biodiesel from old frying fat or sunflower oil, and TAICROS® makes 5G technology a reality in printed circuit boards. Potassium bicarbonate makes low-sodium muffins rise, and cyanuric chloride makes paper whiter and clothes more colorful. From our production hubs, we ship all over the world.

Chemical recycling of PET

Our latest innovative technologies around the recycling of plastics

The demand for sustainable products and thus recycled plastics is growing continuously. We are researching a combination of chemicals and technical processes to recycle plastic waste in an energy-saving way leading to high-quality applications.

Potassium derivatives

For a healthy balance

Studies show that eating too much salt can lead to problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Many foods such as snacks, dairy and frozen products, and baked goods contain a lot of sodium. Potassium can rebalance the human electrolyte system. We offer a wide range of products from potassium hydroxide to potassium carbonate and potassium hydrogen carbonate, which is also used in effervescent tablets.

Functional Solutions

Markets and Applications

Find out on our market page how potassium carbonate rounds off the flavor of chocolate or is used in gingerbread houses as a traditional baking agent.  Cyanuric chlorides are used in the synthesis of optical brighteners and active ingredients for pharmaceutical products. TAC and TAICROS® are crosslinkers for peroxide or electron beam-curing.

Thermal energy storage systems of the future

Cooperation with Eindhoven University of Technology


The team of experts is figuring out a revolutionary technology that could help store thermal energy for buildings without energy loss and for as long as desired. Learn how it works in Evonik's magazine ELEMENTS. 

Did you know that potassium carbonate rounds off the taste of chocolate and at the same time promotes the dark coloration?

Functional solutions

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